Pink Jeep Tours Sedona Reviews

If you’re considering taking a fun and memorable tour of a lifetime with us but you are still on the fence, please check out what our past customers have been saying. We’ve provided you with several different Pink Jeep Tours Sedona Reviews to gauge our customer feedback and judge yourself.

Pink Jeep Tours Sedona
Jason, 20 Dec 2016
Amazing off-road terrain and scenery--second to none as far as I'm concerned! Would book it again in a heartbeat!
Star, 20 Dec 2016
Stephanie, 20 Dec 2016
Josh made the adventure even better than we expected! It was an incredible family experience! Would love to do it again!!
Jim, 20 Dec 2016
Very informativel and fun
Wim, 20 Dec 2016
The tour was great. Preston was awesome, took the time to explain things and take pictures of our family for us. He was a very fun guide.
Samuel, 20 Dec 2016
Good, off the bucket list!
Mark, 20 Dec 2016
The Ancient Ruin tour is a great way to see the red rocks and learn about the history of those who were here before us. Highly recommended!
Santiago, 20 Dec 2016
Beautiful views throughout the entire ride and a fun experience overall. Learned quite a few things that made the tour all that more engaging. Our guide took the time to step out and hike up a few rocks as he taught us all about the geology that makes Sedona so beautiful
Eddie, 19 Dec 2016
Tour was great, informative and adventurous!
Gwynne, 19 Dec 2016
Richard, 19 Dec 2016
The tour was awesome. The scenery was amazing and the tour guide was lots of fun. He had everyone in the jeep laughing all the way.
Noreen, 19 Dec 2016
The overall experience was fantastic! The views are beautiful and the ability to get out close to nature was impressive. Our tour guide was a perfect blend of humor and knowledge, along with respect for nature.
Anthony, 19 Dec 2016
Great time by all
samantha, 19 Dec 2016
I had no expectations, so it was full of fun and interesting and the guide Don was extremely knowledgable and gave us facts and stories about the area, he also recomended other pink jeep tours to go on. I asked about the origin of pink jeep tours and what training was involved and Don was up to date with all we needed to know. He was awesome. Thank you
Gary, 18 Dec 2016
It was very scenic and had great photo ops. My only regret is not choosing Diamondback Gulch tour, I'm sure it would be worth the extra cost.
Pat, 18 Dec 2016
fun & inspiring
Sheila, 18 Dec 2016
Greta, 18 Dec 2016
Great experience! Celebrating my sisters'/ 60th birthday, we had a blast.
Christine, 18 Dec 2016
Outstandind! Cathryn was very knowledgeable and passionate about preserving the ruins.
Evelyn, 18 Dec 2016
Can't leave Sedona without doing Pink!

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