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Broken Arrow Tour

Beyond the off-road, climb the red rocks and navigate the most adventurous Jeep trail in Sedona. From chicken point to the road of no return, this is pure excitement.

Touch the Earth Tour

We’ll take you to special places of beauty and tranquility and let you see the magic of this amazing place.

Diamondback Gulch Tour

Explore the beautiful Sedona outback and be awe-struck as you take in the iconic landmarks. Hold on tight as you descend into the mouth of the Diamondback Gulch.

Ancient Ruins Tour

Visit a 700-year-old Sinaguan cliff dwelling and navigate history by discovering the hidden meaning found in the rock art. A short walk mixed with mild off-road fun.

Coyote Canyons Tour

Travel the rugged western canyons of Sedona with expansive views and learn about the history, geology, and plant life. A great introductory tour to experience the red rocks.

Red Rock Range

Escape to the trails of Sedona’s open range on this mild excursion. Inspiring red rock formations are the backdrop and you’ll learn about local plant life, wildlife and geological history.

Scenic Rim – Introductory (1.5 hours)

A great introductory tour, explore Bear Wallow Canyon and take in impressive views of the towering red rocks as you wind up this rugged and historic trail.

Scenic Rim- Most Popular (2 hours)

Our most popular Scenic Rim Tour, wind up the historic and rugged Schnebly Hill Road and explore iconic rock formations from Cow Pies to Merry-Go-Round rock.

Combo, Hiking Tours and Grand Canyon Tours

Broken Arrow & Scenic Rim Combo Tour

Enjoy the thrill of the most popular 4×4 tour combined with spectacular panoramic views of the Sedona area.  Leave with insider information on the history, geology and more.

Ancient Ruin & Diamondback Gulch Tour

Adventure and intrigue in one amazing tour. Enjoy a heart pounding 4 x 4 tour combined with the history behind a 700-year-old Sinaguan cliff dwelling.

Wrangler Round-Up with Diamondback Gulch

Pair our Diamond Back Gulch tour with a horseback ride and a thrilling 4×4 tour of Sedona’s outback by Jeep, then explore wine country by horse.

Wrangler Round-Up with Red Rock Range

Pair our Red Rock Range tour with a horseback ride and enjoy a mild tour of Sedona’s open range by Jeep, then explore wine country by horse.

Hiking Tour

Off-road to the trailhead and be immersed in the unique beauty of Sedona. Hike along scenic trails and experience red rock serenity as nature intended, up close and personal.

Grand Canyon Experience

An unforgettable, narrated journey through stunning Oak Creek Canyon to the magnificent Grand Canyon. Explore spectacular viewpoints along the East and South Rim and visit historic Grand Canyon Village.

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