Sedona Hiking Tour


TOUR TIME: 2.5 hours

PRICE – 2.5 hours: $79.00 per adult, $72.00 per child (12 years and under)

Tax not included.  15% gratuity added for parties of 8 or more.


  • Knowledgeable and friendly Professional Tour Guide
  • Travel in a custom-built, open-air pink Jeep® Wrangler to the trailhead where your adventure begins
  • Sedona is well known for its hiking and your Pink Jeep Tour guide knows the trails
  • Become immersed in the beauty of Sedona as you hike along the more scenic trails such as Doe Mesa, Devil’s Bridge, Cow Pies, Dead Man’s Pass and Brins Mesa
  • Hikes available for the experienced hiker or those seeking a less strenuous activity
  • Experience the serenity and beauty of the red rocks as nature intended, up close and personal
  • Bottled water and appropriate hiking footwear are required

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company – Coconino National Forest

Tour Description:

One of the most popular things to do in Sedona, Arizona is hike its rugged terrain. With over 100 trails in Sedona alone, there is a unique opportunity for you to experience this incredible landscape by foot. A guided hiking tour with Pink Jeep Tours will give you confidence by having a familiar friend by your sideand that your experience Red Rock Country is unforgettable.

Start your Pink Jeep Tours hiking adventure right: In a custom-built, open-air Pink Jeep Wrangler tour vehicle designed for unobstructed views of Sedona’s landscape. Begin your hiking journey at Pink Jeep Plaza in Uptown Sedona or request to be picked up at one of the many Sedona hotels and resorts where you are staying. Your Pink Jeep Tours guide is a highly trained driving specialist who can handle driving in all conditions you may encounter during today’s adventure.

Your Pink Jeep Tours hiking adventure is customized to match your fitness level. Your tour guide will select a trail for your group based on your interests and abilities. Will you hike Doe Mesa? Perhaps the aptly-named Cow Pies Trail? Or maybe the popular Devil’s Bridge Trail? Pink Jeep Tours offers plenty of time to soak in the sun and the magnificent views. Don’t forget to wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring with you plenty of water, sunscreen and sunglasses—not to mention charged camera batteries! Don’t hesitate to call Pink Jeep Tours for recommendations on additional hiking gear.

During your hiking tour, ask your Pink Jeep Tours guide to share important knowledge of the area. Your hiking guide will identify all the plants and wildlife along the trail, how they survive in the desert climate, and how cultures thousands of years ago made use of these plants for survival. You understanding will deepen on the geological formation of Sedona’s world-famous red rock landmarks as well as how they contribute to the landscape of Arizona and the entire Southwest.

What makes these Sedona hiking tours unforgettable is the intimate experience of the desert and the formations along the Mogollon Rim. Touch incredible plants with your hands (be careful!), feel the red dirt beneath your shoes and soak in all the scenery with your eyes. Are your camera batteries charged? These unobstructed views will make you eager to take many panoramic photos and of course group shots. Your hiking guide will love to take your photo.

These hiking tours by Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona blends an exciting and fun 4×4 off-road journey with the pleasures of hiking by foot across the natural beauty of Sedona. Combining exercise along Sedona’s invigorating hiking trails and insightful views customized to your needs makes this Pink Jeep Tours adventure a favorite tour package of the Southwest.


I was so excited & anxious to finally arrive for the Broken Arrow sunset tour. It was truly everything I was hoping for & more. Our tour guide David C. was fantastic! Can't thank you enough for the wonderful memories.

Donna, 19 Apr 2017

Fantastic. Karen was a wonderful guide!

Lisa, 22 Feb 2017

The tour was excellent. Mike did a great job.

Lorraine, 17 Feb 2017

We had great weather that helped to make the tour hiking tour special condidering the views we saw from Devils Bridge.

Doug, 10 Feb 2017

So much fun and very informative

Mary Jo, 03 Feb 2017

The tour was amazing. Dan was our tour guide, very funny, nice and knowledgeable!

Fatimah, 21 Dec 2016

Todd was so knowledgeable and entertaining! We asked a ton of questions on everything from history to tree types and couldn't stump him! Todd kept us moving while also making time for all of our questions. I would love to go out with him again!

Phoebe, 04 Dec 2016

It gave us an opportunity to see what we would not have been able to see otherwise.

Kyoko, 20 Nov 2016

Ree was awesome! Hands down, super personable and fun. She took amazing photos for us too! She is totally invested in Sedona, the tour and it showed. Loved it! Thank you. Justin & Marian Jax Beach, FL

Marian & Justin, 28 Oct 2016

Patty was the very best. I wish more people took advantage of the hiking tours because she did such a great job going at our pace and working in water breaks and photo opportunities. I feel like we left with a new Aunt Patty!

Kara, 26 Oct 2016

Informative, great scenery, interesting geological interpretation, Scott took us where we wanted to go and kept us safe, consulted us, gave us choices about how strenuous a trip we wanted, Scott had a great sens of homour

Muriel, 25 Oct 2016

Was great. I want to come back and do more tours.

Jim, 13 Oct 2016

Absolutely amazing!

Kristen, 01 Oct 2016

The tour was great. The perfect combination of action and adventure.

Kara, 26 Sep 2016

It was great. Felt very safe and our tour guide Paul was awesome

Minal, 02 Sep 2016

We were the only ones on the hiking tour, so our guide tailored everything to our needs. We loved his sense of humor and he worked hard to make the tour terrific. He was very experienced and knowledgeable. I picked Pink Jeep because I trusted them to take good care of us, and I will choose them again.

Lisa, 19 Aug 2016

A great experience! We felt close to nature and really well informed based on Don's commentary. It was a great pleasure to spend the time with him and to hike the Brins Mesa Trail.

Karen, 16 Aug 2016

My sister and I were the only ones on our hiking tour with Pete and he was more than willing to accomodate us and what we wanted to do. We loved the jeep tour paired with our hike. A fun drive on the jeep and a little bit of exercise as well. Devil's Bridge was the perfect place for him to take us!

Laura, 18 Jun 2016

It was great!! Had such a nice time visiting with my sister. Pete was the perfect tour guide and knew exactly where to take us for the hiking part of the tour. He gave us plenty of suggestions for what to do and where to go for the night we were staying in Sedona and even knew information on the surrounding towns that we were interested in visiting.

Lindsey, 18 Jun 2016

Everything was great, our guide made the hike very enjoyable, we ended up being the only ones on the hike too.

Doug, 05 Jun 2016