Touch The Earth Vortex Tour


TOUR TIME: 2.5 hours

PRICE: $105.00 per adult, $95.00 per child (ages 1.5 to 12 years)

Price does not include tax. 15% gratuity added for parties of 8 or more.


  • Knowledgeable and friendly Professional Tour Guide
  • The iconic, custom-built, open-air pink Jeep® Wrangler
  • Learn about the history, science, cultural and metaphysical beliefs of the vortex sites
  • This relaxing, insightful tour will explore the myths and legends surrounding the vortices and let you draw your own conclusions
  • Visit Mystic Vista, Vultee Arch Road or Airport Mesa to experience the beauty of Sedona and see the views of Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon from a unique vantage point

U.S. Forest Service Permitted Company – Coconino National Forest

Tour Description:

Do you know what a vortex is? Explore the history, science, cultural and metaphysical aspects of these notable power spots in order to define the meaning of the vortex in your life.

Visitors have been attracted to Sedona’s stunning beauty for thousands of years, from hunter-gatherers from early cultures to today’s vacationers and spiritual seekers. No matter if you are a skeptic or a believer, Pink Jeep Tours Touch the Earth Tour is about exploring your curiosity regarding the vortex concept as your tour guide provides the facts behind vortex legends and myths.

This calming journey begins in the heart of Sedona. Join your tour guide at Pink Jeep Plaza in Uptown Sedona.  Step inside a customized, open-air Pink Jeep® Wrangler tour vehicle built so that you have wide, open views of Sedona. As a highly trained 4×4 driver, your professional tour guide is an expert in any situation. Your personal tour guide, also a Certified Interpretive Guide, will capture the calm essence of Sedona’s vortexes through honest narration and describe Sedona’s geology, wildlife and history through storytelling.

The Knolls offers a stunning view of Cathedral Rock, one of Sedona’s best-known formations, as well as Courthouse Butte in the distance. Mystic Vista provides 360-degree views of Sedona’s incredible red rock landscape. Both locations truly value the unique spirit of Sedona and the Southwest.  We encourage you to take pictures of this magical landscape as a reminder of your incredible journey.

The Touch the Earth Tour is made special by your tour guide providing you with great information and insight. Discover indigenous plants and wildlife, local history, geological theories and engaging stories about the cultures and people once living in this area thousands of years ago. Make sure to prepare questions before your tour so that your personal tour guide can enhance this incredible experience.

Sedona is internationally recognized as a serene, sacred place for meditation because of its captivating splendor, the region’s geology and the ecological interaction within the atmosphere. Whatever pulls you to visit Sedona, be it a spiritual quest or a relaxing afternoon among Sedona’s red rock beauty, come and experience this epic journey with a guided tour by Pink Jeep Tours. The Touch the Earth Tour promises to take you to special places of tranquility and serenity so that you can feel the magic of this amazing place.


We were continually impressed with the professionalism of the different tour guides we had on each tour, yet their demeanor was casual and easy to interact and inviting to ask additional questions about all that we were experiencing. Kellie always offered to take photos of us, and we thoroughly enjoyed her company as we explored along the Vortex tour route.

Yoshizo, 26 Feb 2017

very informative and varied stops, with a little bit of 4 wheel necdessary

Vicki, 25 Feb 2017

Terrific. Ken was really knowledgeable, fun, and a GREAT driver.

Nan, 23 Feb 2017

Scott was fantastic. Entertaining. Knowledgeable. Fun.

Lisa, 22 Feb 2017

It was a great family bonding activity! We really enjoyed it.

Jennifer, 19 Feb 2017

The tour was fantastic. Our guide, Paul, was quite knowledgeable about the subject and kept the group entertained throughout the entire tour!!

Todd, 16 Feb 2017

Great time

Damon, 16 Feb 2017

Loved the tour and Don was wonderful as a guide. I especially liked how he asked each of us to introduce ourselves and say what we expected from our exposure to the vortexes.

Carol, 12 Feb 2017

The tour was beautiful, and had a great host. I appreciate all his facts and that he gave us the opportunity to take plenty of pictures.

Wyatt, 12 Feb 2017

I have been looking forward to exploring and learning g about the vortex areas in Sedona after falling ill a few years ago. I went on this tour as a solo passenger and was initially concerned I'd feel alone or somehow not part of the group. My tour guide Pete made me feel right at home. He exceeded all my expectations on what a tour guide should be. He was super informative on all levels. Culturally, geologically and personally. He was the complete package and I could not...

Alicia, 10 Feb 2017

It was really great. Tom really catered to our individual interests so we both got a lot out of it.

Kathleen, 01 Feb 2017

This was our second in Sedona and we absolutely loved both...can't beat the scenery and your guides are quite fun and informative!

Helen, 03 Jan 2017

As stated earlier Don is incredible. An asset to your team and even a better person. Really made our day.

Kevin, 31 Dec 2016

Detailed and informational.

Pamela, 28 Dec 2016

Mark was fantastic, fun, and informative. We learned a lot about Sedona and he took us "off the beaten path" so it felt like a personalized experience!

Barry, 28 Dec 2016

Beautiful sights , Lots of great pictures and a Very knowledgeable tour guide , couldn't have asked for a better tour !!

Johnathon, 21 Dec 2016

Beautiful views throughout the entire ride and a fun experience overall. Learned quite a few things that made the tour all that more engaging. Our guide took the time to step out and hike up a few rocks as he taught us all about the geology that makes Sedona so beautiful

Santiago, 20 Dec 2016

Randy is a rare find! A truly passionate professional ~ His passion and intellect shone throughout the tour. Very happy We booked Pink Jeep. Looking forward to our next PJ excursion.

Christina, 04 Dec 2016

It was the best adventure of our etire week in the Sedona area. Mark made it special. (see previous comment)

paul, 03 Dec 2016

Really informative and fun. Brent made it better too

Barbara, 27 Nov 2016